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Spotlight with Sandhya

'Spotlight with Sandhya'

 is a one-to-one conversation with brilliant minds  who share their expertise and stories of inspirations and life journeys,

of passion and life lessons.

It puts the spotlight on guests

who are an interesting mix

from different worlds.


From artistes to technologists,

authors to entrepreneurs,

they are real people, with real stories that will bring new perspectives

and fresh thinking to our lives. 

Raintree Media Originals is a platform

where we produced our IP generated content, podcasts and more, 

that are locally rooted and

are built for a global audience. 



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  1. Concept, Creative Direction, Storyboard.

  2. Developing the idea. Testing show format, Planning. 


Real Stories

of Real People


Developing the idea.

Testing show format, Planning.  

  1. Production (recording, coordination, administration). 

  2. Post - production (Editing, Sound Design, Packaging, Audio Quality Control, Mixing and Mastering)


Digital marketing of the show (social media, tags, content to be created

and more

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