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Books & Allied Literary Services

Discover the essence of our professional writing services in multiple subjects.

We craft, refine, and perfect your books,

whether through co-writing, ghost-writing, editing, or augmenting.


We excel in Memoirs & Biographies,

as our skills enable us to effectively capture and convey personal stories

with authenticity and depth. We are your literary ally

and will handhold you through the writing process

with discretion and patience.

We also provide comprehensive writing and editorial solutions

for specialised subjects.


Additionally, we streamline the publishing journey,

ensuring your work  reaches its audience seamlessly.

We can publish your literary work both in print and online.

Alternatively, we can represent your interests to secure the ideal publishing deal as your literary agent. And when your book is ready to emerge,

we can organise its release and publicity with finesse.

Check out our prestigious Content Writing portfolio featuring

Memoirs / Autobiographies / Specialized Topics.

Time Spent Distance Travelled - Autobiography 

The autobiography of the 'Gentleman Judge of India' Justice Shivaraj Patil, former Judge of the Supreme Court of India, former Chief Justice of Rajasthan, and Judge of the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka High Courts.


The book traces the journey of a boy from one of the most backward regions of India to the apex court. This is a story of ambition, grit, perseverance, humility, and benevolence. It also brings to light interesting facets of the functioning of the Indian judiciary and its evolution.


Content: 410 pages

Tasks: Extensive rewriting, refining, research, rewriting, editing and proofreading.

Client: Sparsh Foundation

Published by Sparsh Foundation, Bengaluru, 2024

Insta size - Time Spent Distance Travelled Justice Shivaraj V Patil - book cover (Instagra

 This book is authored by Ashok Soota, pioneer of Indian IT, Peter de Jager, Canadian management consultant

and Sandhya Mendonca, our Founder.

  ‘Busted’ casts fresh light and prompts a rethinking of received wisdom. It focuses on seventeen

commonly accepted management principles

and crisply examines the reasons

why these can't be accepted as universal truths.


Content: 190 pages


First-person interviews with industry leaders

and practitioners, Research, editing, proofreading

and Literary Agent services

Published by HarperCollins Publishers / Harper Business, 2023.

BUSTED. book poster.jpeg

 This is the autobiography of politician Nafees Fazal,

the first Muslim woman minister from South India,

co-authored by Sandhya Mendonca.


      In this tell-all book, Nafees Fazal, a former minister from Karnataka, comes out with remarkable candour about her life—from her troubled childhood, her tumultuous political journey,

and her personal beliefs as a modern woman

and a devout Muslim.

This book is as much about her life as it is about the role of women in Indian politics, especially women from the Minorities. Anyone with an interest in women’s empowerment, the underbelly of Indian politics, the challenges faced by progressive women in politics, and who believes in equality should read this book.


Content: 188 pages

Tasks: Extensive interviews, research, writing, editing and proofreading

Published by Konark Publishers, New Delhi, 2022

breaking barriers balcony.png
reva ev - india's green gift to the world - sandhya mendonca.jpeg

REVA EV -   India's Green Gift to the World 

S K Maini with Sandhya Mendonca


To counter seas of cars, rising petrol prices, and snarling traffic—Reva Electric Vehicle is India’s offering to the world in the shape

of a zero emission, green mobility option.

Dr Maini recounts the story of Reva—India’s first commercial electric vehicle—from the inception, ideation, designing the car to taking it to the world. It is a story coloured with hope, determination, disappointment, success, and jubilation—it is the passion for making green commuting a viable possibility come alive in these pages from Reva’s journey.

It is the story of a team that believed in its products against all odds.

A story of many firsts, this book is an immortal account of India soundly on the forefront of electric vehicle movement with this unique car.

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